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How the Mode of Ordering Influences Food Preferences

Speaker: Dipayan Biswas (University of South Florida) Inviter: Shaobo Li Time: 2022/11/30 9:30 Venue: Zoom:810-2415-1678,Passcode:699764

Epicurean Eating

Speaker: Yann Cornil (University of British Columbia) Inviter: Shaobo Li Time: 2022/11/25 9:30 Venue: Zoom:881-4585-4341, Passcode:204705

Strategic lnventories in Competitive Supply Chains under Bargaining

Speaker: Qinshen Tang (Nanyang Technological University) Inviter: Songhao Wang Time: 2022/11/22 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID : 500-467-944


Speaker: Yu Tong (Zhejiang University) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2022/11/11 9:30 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 656-174-630

Retailer Inventory Sharing in Two-Tier Supply Chains: An Experimental Investigation

Speaker: Rihuan Huang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) Inviter: Xiaoshuai Fan Time: 2022/11/7 10:30 Venue: Room 416, Business School; Tencent Meeting ID: 216-446-201