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Save Face or Save Life: Physicians' Dilemma in Using Clinical Decision Support Systems

Speaker: Huigang Liang (University of Memphis) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/10/21 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 343-737-401

Probabilistic Selling in Vertically Differentiated Markets

Speaker: Huaxia Rui (University of Rochester) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/09/02 21:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 759-198-760

The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in The United States

Speaker: Paola Giuliano (UCLA Anderson School of Management) Inviter: Maoliang Ye Time: 2021/08/31 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 950-655-042

Individual and Collective Information Acquisition: An Experimental Study

Speaker: Leeat Yariv (Princeton University) Inviter: Maoliang Ye Time: 2021/08/19 8:30 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 112-961-035

Opaque Product Under Limited Flexibility and Pricing

Speaker: Hailun Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) Inviter: Xiaoshuai Fan Time: 2021/08/18 11:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 476-770-707