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The Handedness Effect in the Digital World

Speaker: Xixian Peng Inviter: Lin Qiu Time: 2022/08/02 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 811-660-709

Insights from Niche Markets: Explainable and Predictive Value of Consumption Tendency in Credit Risk Assessment

Speaker: Wenwen Li Inviter: Yao Li Time: 2022/07/11 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 373-682-779

Optimal Disclosure in All-pay Auctions with Interdependent Valuations

Speaker: Bo Chen Inviter: Xiaoshuai Fan Time: 2022/07/05 10:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID:966-369-307

Disentangling the Effects of Digital Product Development Process on Developer Performance: Insights from A Multilevel Model

Speaker: Zhiwei Chen Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2022/06/28 9:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID:569-449-376

Data Governance on Blockchain - How confidentiality and data integrity can be ensured?

Speaker: Xinying Liu (University of Houston - Clear Lake) Inviter: Yukun Yang Time: 2022/06/14 10:00 Venue: Taizhou Building Room 501-1-1