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Helpful or Harmful? Negative Behavior Toward Newcomers and Welfare in Online Communities

Speaker: Florian Pethig (University of Mannheim) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/11/19 16:30 Venue: Zoom: ID:644-485-8957 Password:297563

Digital Portfolio Diversity & Organizational Resilience during Major External Shocks: A Strategic Flexibility Perspective

Speaker: J.J Hsieh (Georgia State University) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/11/17 14:30 Venue: Zoom:

A Unified Framework of Forward-Looking and Backward-Looking Perspectives on Product Exploration Orientation

Speaker: Zhangcheng (Fudan University) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/11/12 19:00 Venue: Taizhou Building Room 501-1-1

Website Localization Strategies to Promote Global E-Commerce: The Moderating Role of Individualism and Collectivism

Speaker: Choon Ling Sia (City University of Hong Kong) Inviter: Weiling Ke Time: 2021/11/10 14:30 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 287-130-730

Patent Proctection and Software Innovation Evidence from Alice

Speaker: Yu-Kai Lin (Georgia State University) Inviter: Yukun Yang Time: 2021/11/03 9:00 Venue: Tencent Meeting ID: 111-985-625