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Welcome to the Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering

With information systems as the lynchpin and a focus on management science for interdisciplinary development, we strive to ascend the academic heights of business administration and industrial engineering, and concurrently provide a superior platform for our students to flourish.

Information is valuable only when it serves a great purpose. ISME students will learn how to use information and related systems to improve business practices and innovative product development. We nurture interdisciplinary talents who are well-versed in both business principles and analytical skills. To harness the opportunities brought about by advances in information technologies and meet up the challenges imposed by digital economy, ISME students will study how to apply information to best serve the needs of the organization's stakeholders. Our top-notch faculty will provide state-of-the-art curriculum to help students develop the expertise needed to excel in the current big data environment, including technical skills, critical thinking, team building, communication, and project management skills.

Upholding the spirit of SUSTech, "For Truth, Innovation, Reform and Excellence with Diligence and Courage," the Department of ISME will groom talents excellent in both character and academics for our country, our world and our future.

  • Faculty and Research

    The ISME has gradually formed a high-level faculty group. All of them have graduated from top-tier universities and have received good academic training. Since its establishment, faculty members of the ISME have published more than 80 papers in business journals, including UTD24 journals and FT50 journals, which has formed a certain influence in the domestic and foreign academic circles.

  • Subject Characteristics

    The ISME has established a scientific and reasonable school-running system, forming a talent training system based on computer science, data analysis and other technologies for information systems, operation management, strategic management, marketing, human resources, economic analysis, and financial engineering.

  • Talent development

    The teaching of the ISME keeps up with the forefront of the times and faces the needs of economic and social development. The cultivation of talents focuses on the integration of industry, education and research. Through school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university integration, and collaborative innovation platforms, the organic integration of the trinity is realized, providing strong support for talent training.