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Head of the Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering Weiling KE

Welcome tothe Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering!

Information management is one of the main pillars supporting this era of digital intelligence. It plays a leading role in various fields of modern society. Research based on big data and behavioral science has attracted the attention of scholars and practitioners alike domestically and abroad; associated findings are widely applied.
Since the establishment of this department, we have built an excellent team. This team consists of scholars active in the frontiers of global academia, ensuring top-level teaching and research. Our faculties possess stellar academic credentials from prestigious global universities and are fully devoted to our motherland. Our courses are taught in English, helping to broaden students' global perspectives. We encourage students to peruse excellence, study extensively, inquire accurately, reflect carefully, discriminate clearly, and practice earnestly. We strive to provide a world-class education experience and conduct top-notch academic research.
Our main research focus is the frontier issues in information science and business management, including interdisciplinary issues in digital transformation management and business intelligence. Our students receive training in utilizing big data and/or behavioral science methods to analyze and solve problems from a business perspective. Our program provides a unique opportunity to use multidisciplinary approaches to address information system-related issues with diversity, flexibility and foresight. We encourage our students to build their own knowledge system based on their own interests and particular needs.
To make the world a better place, we need to embrace rapid changes in science and technology. We resolve to root our department deeply in the ground of our motherland, aim high, work hard, and build our bright future together.