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Information System

The primary objective of information systems research is to understand how to leverage modern information and communication technologies to manage organizations' human, financial and physical resources and enhance their performance. Research areas include digital transformation, business analytics, database management, enterprise systems and mobile application development, etc. Research methods include empirical research, design science and mathematical modeling.

Operations Management

Operations management includes planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the production or service behavior of the enterprise, including supply chain management, manufacturing system, service and queuing system, planning, optimization and other fields. Effective operation management can help enterprises increase productivity and competition to achieve sustainable operations.


The purpose of the research in this direction is to maintain and manage the relationship between enterprises and consumers, help enterprises solve problems, complete exchanges and achieve personal and organizational goals. The research content includes managing consumers’ demand, planning and implementing processes about product, service and creative concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution. The core is user value, market segmentation, product positioning, etc.


Management is a comprehensive cross-discipline that studies various phenomena and laws in human social management activities. Management involves disciplines such as operations research, political science, economics, and industrial technology. The research results are applied to areas such as regional development, industrial transformation and upgrading, and business model innovation.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is based on behavioral science and intersects with psychology, sociology, anthropology, engineering, computer science and other disciplines. It studies individuals, groups and organizational systems in organizations. The core issues include people and work, organization and environment matching, motivation and organizational change. The research conclusions in this direction provide a strong theoretical foundation for the human resource management in modern enterprises.


Financial Engineering

This direction combines mathematics, finance with emerging data science and artificial intelligence and other subjects, using statistical and data analysis software and other tools to study issues such as asset pricing and risk management. The research results are used in financial product design, investment portfolio selection and robo-advisor design and other fields.